Damiani Belle Epoque Watch

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Case: 18 carats white gold (diameter 38 mm), internal bezel enriched with 71 baguette cut diamonds and 13 baguette cut sapphires, turning external bezel with 48 baguette cut diamonds and an extra sized baguette cut sapphire, 18 carats white gold crown with 1 brilliant cut sapphire.
Total carats: ~ 9.61 diamonds (225), ~ 1.5 sapphires (24).
Dial: 18 carats white gold with invisible setting of 90 baguette cut diamonds.
Bracelet: Blue technological satin, 18 carats white gold buckle set with 16 diamonds and 9 baguette cut sapphires. Mechanical manual winding movement and 3 ATM water resistant.
Swiss Made

The luxury watch and jewelry collection Belle Epoque, featuring unmistakable elegance and femininity, brings back the colourful atmosphere, creativity and innovation of a time when everything was possible, in a Paris that, euphoric and sophisticated, vibrant and innovative, became society’s spearhead in the rush of changing times and habits taking place worldwide. The gleaming white of gold and diamonds, contrasting with deep, intense shades of colour – the blues, red and greens of sapphires, rubies and emeralds, with the versions enhancing the combinations of pink gold with diamonds or black gold with white and black diamonds, define the style of this unique jewelry collection with exquisite craftsmanship, capable of creating incredibly new and surprising effects. The sparkling contours emphasising the preciousness and chromatic effect of the central gemstones, combined with the slightly vintage look, make this jewelry collection even more unique and one of its kind. The Belle Epoque women’s watch collection, with vintage patterns reinterpreted in a more modern key, combines a clear-cut design with the highest levels of luxury and glamour, made of many little details, just as many as the precious gems enriching these masterpieces of the jewelry and watchmaker’s art. These watches are offered by Casa Damiani in different variations – luxury watches with a white or black ceramic case, or white gold one, enriched by splendid white and black diamonds and coloured gems including sapphires and rubies. The special feature of the collection is the case enriched by a rotating external bezel in diamond with an extra size ruby or sapphire. A unique detail to personalise this luxury watch. Belle Epoque, a collection of luxury watches and jewelry for a woman who wants to be admired for her timeless charm.