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The name of Visconti has been synonymous with writing implements of unparalleled historical and technological sophistication for the past twenty-five years. To mark its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2013, Visconti took on board the human resources, the know-how and the traditional tools of Florentine watch-making to begin making its own luxury timepieces. A new area has been set aside in Visconti’s historic Medici villa for the sole purpose of manufacturing top-of-the-range watches featuring the same creative and innovative vein that customers look for in all of the company’s products. Less than six months after the launch of its first two models - “Solotempo” and “GMT” in its “Bridge Over Time” collection - Visconti has now decided to expand its offer with a professional diver’s watch, a chronograph and a show-piece in sapphire crystal with a Visconti calibre movement. This is only the beginning, however, and we are ready, with our customers, to give of our best in producing increasingly interesting designs and timepieces. Consider our overly small stand your home, a home where you can admire the products of a company that has decided to enter the world of timepieces through the front door, with all of the honours and obligations that that entails.

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