Custom Jewelry

Frank Isaac custom designs exquisite jewelry to exact specifications, using only the finest metals and highest quality gemstones. Mr. Isaac is a master of the most modern techniques available for fashioning gold, platinum, diamonds, and precious gems, and guarantees that each individual creation is as unique as the special person it’s made for.

How does he do this?

Mr. Isaac meets personally with every customer interested in commissioning a one of a kind jewelry masterpiece, and establishes a relationship based on trust, honor, and integrity. He meticulously takes his clients through each step of the design process, beginning with computer generated drawings based on their initial conversations, right up to the presentation of a three dimensional laser wax carving in the exact proportions of the proposed finished product. The drawings and wax carving are done at no cost to the customer, and after approval of the final design is obtained, it takes only another seven days to manufacture.

The process is timely, the surroundings comfortable, and the rewards last for generations.

Experience a Frank Isaac custom creation. It’s made just for you.

Custom Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring


Custom Gold Cufflinks with Diamond Accent


Custom Shaped Ring with Round Cut Diamonds


Custom Gold Ring with Inset Diamonds

Custom Three Stone Diamond Ring

Custom Diamond Cufflinks